Cyberpeach is the first product of the line of products created by the CyberTree Finance initiative. It is a hybrid form of a deflationary crypto asset with staking and farming capabilities built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.
Cryptocurrency is the new global economic revolution built to diminish the traditional economic monopoly built around fiat currency. Inflation is the main concern as far as fiat currency is concerned. Dollar $ One of the most prominent and dominant fiat currencies in the world had major inflation throughout the years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index, today’s prices in 2020 are 1,962.84% higher than average prices since 1800. The U.S. dollar experienced an average inflation rate of 1.39% per year during this period, causing the real value of a dollar to decrease.
In 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin into the world as the first digital currency. The purpose of the underlying asset was to make a monetary system without a middleman. P2P transactions between users which in theory will eliminate the central figure by making it decentralized. Bitcoin has a fair share of pros as well as cons. However, the main point is that It has a fixed supply, 21 million coins. That will be the maximum amount of bitcoin ever exist in the world. Sathoshi Nakamoto somehow managed to put a dagger into every running inflation issue associate with the fiat economy.
Subsequently, Etherum/BNB (Binance Smart Chain) were born, with smart contract capabilities which paved the way towards global utilization and much more use cases of cryptocurrency. And now after almost 11 years after the first viable digital currency was created, here we are at this important juncture for digital assets and decentralization.
Decentralized Finance (DEFI)is the latest trend of cryptocurrencies. It was started way back in 2019 and never had a huge transaction at the beginning as many new innovations. And Now in 2020, We are in a huge DEFI bubble, growing exponentially every day.


Yield farming is the practice of staking or lending crypto assets in order to generate high returns or rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency. This innovative yet risky and volatile application of decentralized finance (DeFi) has skyrocketed in popularity recently thanks to further innovations like liquidity mining. Yield farming is currently the biggest growth driver of the still-nascent DeFi sector, helping it to balloon from a market cap of $500 million to $10 billion in 2020.


This is where CyberPeach comes into play. We are building a perfect hybrid staking/farming model with a deflationary crypto asset. Unlike most of the other projects, Our native token maximum total supply will be 100,000,000,000 $PEACH, No new tokens will ever be minted again. In fact, Total supply will keep reducing with the immutable burn function built in the contract with every transaction going through the smart contract. Those tokens will be gone forever. On top of that, we utilize the popularity of cryptocurrency trend to reward $PEACH holders with BNB STAKING PREMIUM POOLS which will ensure project longevity.
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