Here are some of the common issues and answers you might have. Hope members will be able to get a basic idea about CyberPeach protocol by reading this.

What is Cyberpeach finance ?

Cyberpeach is the first product of the line of products created by the CyberTree Finance initiative. It is a hybrid form of a deflationary crypto asset with staking and farming capabilities built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

What is CyberTree finance ?

CyberTree is a parent product and the core of the Cyber initiative. It is a decentralized swapping protocol for BSC-based token projects offering access to public pools in BNB to $PEACH token holders. Harvest fruits of labor from CyberTree with us!

What’s PEACH token?

Native token of Cyberpeach and CyberTree ecosystem.

What’s $PEACH total supply?

There will ever be a maximum of 100 000 000 000 $PEACH tokens at the beginning and It will deflate with time.

What value does $PEACH token provide?

Users can stake/farm crypto assets in order to gain more $PEACH tokens as well as use $PEACH to stake it in our premium pools which will allow users to gain tokens of the projects that CyberTree will launch as IDO projects.

When Airdrop?

Never, $PEACH tokens are only available through participation in the public sale.

When Pancake listing and liquidity lock up?

Once the Public sale is completed, $PEACH will be listed immediately on Pancake and Liquidity will be locked for 1 year.

What is the amount of initial PancakeSwap liquidity?

15% - 30 000$

Can seed investors sell their tokens?

No. For seed investors, there will be a vesting time of 5 months.

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